Aluminum Door Frames

Matched to your requirements to achieve the look you need.

Our aluminum frames lead the way on quality, aesthetics and availability.

We carry a wide range of throat sizes to meet your needs.  We also provide a custom sized option for non-standard wall sizes.

All frames are factory mortised for hinges and strike plates, minimizing field error and labor.  The frame is fastened along the outside edge with fasteners which are then covered with snap-on trim.  The installation alleviates the problem of securing the frames through the face which, on occasion, allows the frame to twist on the wall.

We provide standard anodized finishes in clear, bronze or black.  Baked-on enamel finishes are also available in white and black, and any custom color can be matched in our in-house paint shop.

Our standalone door frames can be provided with an optional 20 minute postive-pressure fire rating.  

Series 300 - Standard Sized Frames

Series 300 door frames are offered in one of the most complete ranges of throat sizes available, from 3-3/4" to 7-1/4".  Below are available throat sizes and anodized finishes. 


315 Series - 3-3/4" Throat

318 Series - 4-7/8" Throat

319 Series - 5" Throat (Compatible 219 Series glazing material designed for 1/2" glass also available in clear, bronze & black anodized finishes)


316 Series - 3-7/8" 

320 Series - 5-1/4" 

321 Series - 5-1/2" 

327 Series - 7-1/4" 


325 Series - 6"

All of the above material can be painted with baked enamel to virtually any color in our in-house paint shop. 

For sizes which we do not carry recessed pocket glazing material, we provide applied stop glazing material.  Applied stop is field-installed by others for glass adjustment. 

400 Series - Custom Sized Frames

When non-standard wall conditions are present, we offer the 400 Series to match any throat size from 3-0/0" through 9-1/2".  These frames are fabricated in our factory to the specifications provided in your order.  The installation process and the exposed profile of the 400 Series are the same as the 300 Series.

Series 700 - 90 Minute Fire Rated Frames

Our series 700 door frames can be used for any wall thickness from 3-3/4" to 8-3/8" and provides a 90 minute positive pressure fire rating.

Western Integrated manufactures a 90 minute fire-rated aluminum door frame. Just like our 300 and 400 Series frames, you can choose between many of our trim styles for this frame.

Throat Sizes

Available in our 700 Series: 3-3/4"  to  5-1/2" 

Available in our 701 Series: 5-1/2"  to  8-3/8"

Maximum Assembly Size

4/0 x 9/0 single swing with Pemko smoke seal # PK4 and HS2000 Intumescent on the perimeter of the frame supplied by Western Integrated Materials, Inc.

8/0 x 9/0 standard pair with Pemko smoke seal # PK4 and HS2000 Intumescent on the perimeter of the frame and on one meeting edge supplied by Western Integrated Materials, Inc.

Door Type for Positive Pressure

Any listed category A steel or wood door for 90 minute positive pressure.

Door Type for Negative Pressure

Any listed category B steel or wood door for 90 minute negative pressure. 

Acceptable Hardware / Limitations

Hinges: Per NFPA 80, table 2-8.1.1 (pivots are not allowed)

Latches: Cylindrical, Mortise with maximum 5" backset

Fire Exit Devices: Mortise exit devices; Surface-Mounted Vertical Rod exit devices;

Door Bolts: Automatic or Manual Flush Bolts; Surface Mounted Bolts: Deadbolts

Closing Devices: Surface Mounted Closers

Protection Plate: Surface - Mounted, Maximum 40" high

Astragal Required on pairs

Electric Hinge Prep Allowed

Our manufacturing facilities and headquarters are in Long Beach, California. We also have a National Project Management Office in Oklahoma.

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